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Anyone using 2389, Miskatonic University sourcebook?

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My group begins Episode 2 of A Time To Harvest this week and I want to present Miskatonic as much as a "real" campus as I can.  Thankfully, I bought Chaosium's Miskatonic University (product code 2389) a couple years back and I'm excited to incorporate material from this book into my campaign.  Most of my Investigators are living in Herber Hall (the refurbished Robert Carter building, newly opened for the fall 1930 semester) and they may encounter campus traditions like leaving pennies in front of "Old Squinty" in the museum hall during their down time.  

Even better, one of the Investigators is an engineering student, and so will know about the underground "Lounge" dug out by Engineering students in 1912 and its connection to the tunnels under campus.  While Armitage has placed very secure locks on the doors in Orne Library connecting to the tunnels, I'm hoping the Investigators will figure out a way to use them against the invading Mi-Go operatives, who will have no idea the tunnels exist.  

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