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New RQ: How Dragon-Pass-Centric will it be?

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Can I play a sorcerer-warrior of the Order of the Swallow wading knee-deep in blood as he hammers the Kingdom of War with sword and sorcery?

Can I play a secretive Arkati cultist in league with the Trolls in Safelster?

Or it's Dragon Pass only?


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If I may use this thread to do it, I've been looking for an opportunity to state my preference for gaming material that I can use all across Glorantha, for what it's worth.  Most of my Glorantha gaming interests are not in early-Herowars Dragon Pass.  I didn't really like how HeroQuest: Glorantha focused on that setting and I dislike how 13th Age Glorantha is designed in a way that requires a lot of design work to adapt to other regions or eras.  I'd prefer broader or more generic or adaptable coverage across regions, religions, magic types, races, etc.

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The core rule book is focused on the greater Dragon Pass area -  Sartar, Lunar Tarsh, Old Tarsh, Grazelands, Esrolia, and Prax. The cults presented include Ernalda, Orlanth, Seven Mothers, Yelmalio, Storm Bull, Waha, etc. I would rather present a region in some depth than try to cover much wider areas with paper-thin superficiality. So if I was the rules for gaming set during the Peloponnesian War, I'd likely include Greeks, Thracians, Scythians, Persians, and maybe even Phoenicians, as cultural groups, but am unlikely include Egyptians or Etruscans or Latins - let alone the Vedic peoples or the Zhou Chinese.

I'd much rather present the Malkioni with their own book so we can really explore their materialist humanism in depth. I certainly don't want to do a half-baked treatment that results in me revising away those portions of the core rules once I seriously play around with working out the mechanics for that setting. 

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I think that Dragon Pass and Prax is the logical kick off point for RQ, just like it was in RQ2.

Then this needs to be followed south to Kethaela, or further north beyond Tarsh into the Lunar Empire heartland.

But for me personally I am itching to see the Malkioni lands done in some depth, especially now that we have a more ancient-flavoured Malkioni then what had been previously eluded to.

My only concern is that I may never get to see Handra and The New Coast, The Quinpolic League and the Kingdom of Seshnela, the Safelsteran City States, or the Janubian River Cities done in the same ammount of depth as Prax or Dragon Pass. Which would be a great shame.

I am looking forward to some great detailed Malkioni settings to be published in the years ahead 

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9 hours ago, Jeff said:

There will be sorcery rules in the book (the cult of Lhankor Mhy uses limited sorcery), but sorcery will get much deeper exploration with the Malkioni. 

Seems a sensible approach. I look forward to the Malkioni book!

Just to be clear: I also love Dragon Pass & Prax...


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