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Bang Printing UPS Return Label??

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I received two e-mails regarding a return label for UPS to send books back to Bang Printing. I didn't request or initiate a return of either shipment (Runequest 2 Kickstarter and Classic Fantasy pre-order). Anyone else get an unsolicited return label?

***Do not reply to this e-mail. UPS and Bang Fulfillment will not receive your reply.

This notice alerts you, Bang Fulfillment has processed this UPS Returns request. A label has been created and is in transit to the pickup location.

Shipment Detail

Merchandise Description:Books

Number of Packages:1

Weight:5.0 LBS

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This is concerning Classic Fantasy.

Bang made an error and despatched two copies of the book to seven customers who'd only ordered a single copy. We were alerted yesterday, and Bang told us they would be emailing a return label to those affected. So it is legit, and a second copy of Classic Fantasy has been sent to you in error (probably just hasn't arrived yet). When you do get the additional copy, we'd be really grateful, if you could return it to us with the email label Bang have sent.

Do PM me if you need more info or want to discuss one-to-one.

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