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"Follow chosen leaders" myth


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Dear lazyweb;

I'm trying to recall the location of an outline of a myth/parable about the "follow chosen leaders" value.  My best recollection is that it's not given in full narrative form, but is just described in the abstract.  The outline of the outline (as it were) is roughly on the lines that a named protagonist can't decide on "a thing right and wrong" (or some such phrase), and asks a series of people (also named, or at least identified by relationship with him) who give him veeringly contradictory advice.  The resolution is course that he has to decide which of these are "chosen leaders", and follows the "obvious compromise" between what those people told him.

Ring any bells with anyone?

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I seem to remember something of that kind from King of Dragon Pass, but I am not sure at all - it was such a long time ago ... :mellow:

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