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Curse Spirits?

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I am not sure if they are official, but I play Curse Spirits as spirits that covertly possess a character. When covertly possessing, they bestow their curse on the victim. The nature of the curse can be whatever you want. Curse Spirits can be sent by a Shaman, can manifest if the character does something really bad, in the same way as spirits of retribution, can be obtained through stealing of items or simply as the result of a curse from a witch or similar person.

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10 minutes ago, Conrad said:

Can someone please tell me what a curse spirit is exactly, and where I can find more info on them?

From the Legend supplement "Legend Spirit Magic":

Sickness and Curse Spirits
Sickness and curse spirits are malevolent beings which attack and covertly possess mortals. Once
in possession they emulate specific disease effects (see page 78 of the Legend Core Rulebook).
Sickness spirits tend to gather (on the Spirit Plane) near the bodies of the recently dead, attracted
by the eventual departure of its soul. From there they usually lay in wait for mortals to approach
and follow them until they sleep or pass into an unconscious state. At this point they use their
Discorporation skill to drag the target’s soul onto the Spirit Plane. If they succeed in defeating
the victim in spirit combat then they covertly possess him and infl icting the effect of their
Curse spirits are similar in effect to sickness spirits but they are normally captured by shaman at
sites of great disaster and misfortune. Once bound they are used as offensive weapons to overtly
possess the spirit magician’s enemies.

These are just the basic informations, the supplement contains more about the statistics and game rules for such spirits.

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One thing to note on p. 21 in the Legend Spirit Magic Supplement:

"Although these spirits can be bound for later use they are never used to augment the spirit
magician, rather they are sent against an enemy. They are hostile to all traditions save those
perverse enough to revere them."


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