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Cult Jobs Fair - The Campaign

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I want start a campaign in which the young initiates are introduced to a number of cults/subcults in each scenario - similar to the year long adventures of Biturian in Cults of Prax.

Initially characters would become a member of the 4 storms of a young clan huscarl, and they would travel around being introduced to the various cults/subcults of Sartar.

As an example the group would travel north to purchase special rocks good for the enchantment of thunderstones (forgotten the reference), for their huscarl as an initiate/acolyte/devotee of Hedkoranth.  They would then travel with him partially up Kerofin to protect him while he undertakes the enchantment rituals in a darkseason thunderstorm.  During this process he would then begin to Heroform and a "this world" heroquest begin...  Darkness and other cults making appearances over a wild and miserable night.

I would probably use Applelane to introduce Issaries and can use Lhankor Mhy and Chalana Arroy to provide specialist services during the ongoing adventures.

I remember someone did a description of a Humakt initiation ceremony where the initate had to sever connection with kin by killing his dog and horse - can anybody remember this and point me to where it is. 

I will also look at doing little scenarios featuring Finovan, Helamakt, Heler, Yinkin, Urox, Elmal etc etc. I'm a old time traditionalist of Storm Tribe and Thunder Rebels...

At the end of the year the players being given opportunity to then decide which of these cults they will join.

One query: do you need to be an initiate (ie adult) prior to being allowed to become one of the winds of a Huscarl?  ie will all characters need to initiate to Orlanth Adventurous or Ernalda prior to choosing a sub-cult or different cult all together.

Anybody want to pick a cult and throw out a quick scenario?


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They probably should be an initiate, but it is your campaign. This could be their final year as a child, the year before Initiation, so perhaps this is their chance to decide who they want to follow.

You might want to merge their Initiation ceremony with the start of the "This World" HeroQuest. So, they follow the huscarl up the slopes of Kero Fin, then choose their cults and use their new cult position to protect him on the HeroQuest.

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OK - this relates to the Cult of Krarsht. The heroes get involved in something in a village - and are helped out by a family of nice but poor carls. They are genuinely helpful and,on the whole, nice people. They are in some sort of brotherhood/sisterhood or fraternity, which they don't believe to be an evil cult, but actually it is. So far, they have been recruiting enough new people to meet their requirments for membership, but they try to recruit the heroes, and the fact that they are part of a deadly cult of insane underground priests and monsters is eventually revealled. Still, they are nice people, There is no way out of the Cult of Krarsht.  

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