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Random Background Connections

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While I'm obviously a big fan of Call of Cthulhu and BRP, one of my other favorite gaming systems is Monte Cook's Numenera. The system is simple, lean and has a pretty neat Science-Fantasy premise, however where it really wins me over is in the little details. One of those is including a background connection between each Player Character. This way, you're never forced to begin with "So you all start in a tavern, when..." as so many traditional RPGs can fall into. So, I've shamelessly stolen this mechanic and imported it into every RPG I've run since.

Obviously each character in Episode One is going to start with a connection, since they're all students together. However, I thought it might be interesting to make things a little more personal, and have given the PCs some interaction, major or minor, in someone else's past. I printed these up on card stock, included the one for John Jeffrey, and then randomly shuffled some in for my players and dealt them out. Just thought I'd pass this along!

A Time to Harvest - Episode 1 Backgrounds.xlsx

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