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Chaosium announces end of Magic World product line


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4 hours ago, MOB said:

As noted at the beginning of this thread back in 2016, we know that Magic World has a small but devoted following, and we have no issue with Magic World continuing on as licensed/fan-produced product.

Would it be possible to include it in a Community Created scheme such as Jonstown Compendium?

Or even to have a new scheme for all minor systems such as Magic World or BRP?

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Thank you for doing this.  That price should help.  I already own a copy of MW's pdf.  I suspect lowering it to $9 or $10 could also have worked.  Some companies are tending to ask far too high a price for pdfs these days (I'm looking at you, Modiphius!). 

I just bought a copy of the AS pdf.

I hope the lower price does garner more sales.

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Wow! Buying both the Magic World core book and the Advanced Sorcery book in pdf format for a total of $6 USD (approx $8 AUD) is a pretty good deal.

But with limited promotion I don't think it's going to get too many new sales. Most of us who know of the game already have the pdfs. Unless there are advertisements on DrivethruRPG and various outher forums, then I don't think the sales are going to be all that high unfortunately.

But I'll be spreading the word where I can 

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