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Strain (SN)


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So after some play testing, I decided to change Strain (SN) from a number like hit points, to something that you would roll against. It is still made up of CON + PER, but this is now averaged to get a SN number. Each character will have 4 small boxes next to the SN number, for x4, x3, x2, and x1. 

Certain spells, using a number of MP over a certain threshold, and being wounded cause Strain rolls. If you fail the x4, you must roll in each subsequent round AND OR each subsequent time a SN roll is called for at the x3... and if that is failed at x2 and finally x1. Once a x1 roll is failed, the character breaks or falls unconscious, depending on circumstances. 

Ex. Syrene the Sorcerer casts Ill Wind on a group of Bokemono. The spells requires the character to make a Strain check. Since she has not suffered any strain yet, the roll is SNx4. If failed, the next time she casts a spell with strain OR at the end of her next round she must make a SNx3 roll and so forth. 

Success halts the progression but only actual rest resets the SN back to the x4 mark.

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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A little late for the reply, but as I'm currently reading through this sub-forum, I might as well comment that I like the concept. Checking boxes in failed fatigue tests is nothing new, of course, but this seems to be a simple and elegant way to implement the concept.

I'm not quite sure if rolling again until succesful may not be a little harsh (and a little too much die-rolling), though ... that would basically mean that it is relatively likely to fall unconscious from taking strain just one time; lets say you have a SN of 11, you end up with 44-33-22-11. Rolling above all of these in a row seems not that unlikely.

Also, if you roll just once for each instance of SN, marking or not marking a box depending on success, you could better differentiate one-off situations that cause SN from ongoing SN. Let's say you cast a spell that requires active upkeep by the sorcerer - that would be where "roll strain each round" (regardless of success or failure) could come into play.

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