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Fan created material for Eternity Realms


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Basically, magic is similar to that seen in Advanced Sorcery and Palladium - it is a natural energy that can be manipulated either by - incantation, will (psychic and mystics), ritual. And how it intersects each universe (brane) will vary. The material planes (branes) are piled one atop the other.


Each brane sits upon the cosmic waters (see below), and there are not just five as seen in ER, but many, many more. Some are larger than others, while others are far smaller. Some will work with completely different laws of physics, lifeforms composed of sound or light. Something I've borrowed from Doctor Who EU.

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I have also incorporated different types of magic. So a mage may not have just individual spells, but whole circles of magic, e.g pyromancy, biomancy, conjurer etc. These will vary from universe to universe.

I also have symbols and wards, rune (similar to RQ 2 & BRP), Syntactic. The list goes on.

And decent art to with it all.

Admittedly, I have gone more freeform in my gaming nowadays, i still keep things like fatigue levels, and magic points and magnitude of spells. But that is mainly down to the fact I tend to PbP.

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8 hours ago, auyl said:

Makes sense. One of the points to mulitudes of realms was to make different types of magic unique to each realm available. Neat that you cracked into that. :)

It would allow the use of Mythras Mysticism, or the one used in RQ (I or II?) Plus the effect that if you should change universes it won't work the same say, or at all, but in some it might.

Basically my idea was to be able to create a Doctor Strange type character, who can use one sort of Magic as well as others. He can use Words of Power used by the Black Priest is very reminiscent of Quantum Mnemonics really. Basically it is Syntactic Magic, but creating rules for it is a....swine to say the least. It is so damn powerful.

I also stole part of the Astral Plane from Palladium but went to develop my own take on it, in that like the material universe not all species are incorporeal. It has three layers, plus the Dragon Roads (all of it has art too for us in PbP games). Even found a good version of Astral Cthulhu holding a whole Astral Kingdom in his hands, sort of like how Shuma Gorath was going to vaporise Earth in the old Doctor Strange comics.




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3 hours ago, auyl said:

Interesting. Might conflict with the metaphysics I was going to lay out in the future but is still fascinating what you'rw doing.

What kind of metaphysics were you going to lay out - obviously you can't go into too much detail; would broad strokes should okay?

EDIT: I 'spose as you're going all mythological here, we should probably include-

Outer Darkness: Before creation was forged, the Outer Darkness was the oblivion that lay beyond the primordial chaos. There it remains. It is an absolute and empty nothingness, unapproachable to all when the boundaries of creation were drawn.

Primordial Chaos: The stuff of raw creation.

Borderlands or Marches which seem to separate Chaos from everything else

Dream: We all know what this is.




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