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Ep 5 - Possible Corrections

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In the introduction in ep1, ep5 is described as "the investigators are hurled into a nightmare and must race to rescue their comrades who face a fate worse than death". That sounds more like ep4 than 5.

In alternative start (and the Spell Appendix) it references "The Red Sign" spell. The full name is Red Sign of Shudde M'ell. Not sure if that matters.


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  • The map of Cobbs Corners for the GM (p10) is not the same as the one for the PCs (end of book). The one for the PCs is missing locations 10 and 11 on the map.
  • p5 first paragraph on page it says "The Keeper must weight the difficulty", should be weigh.

Also a question - the episode does not state that Cutter has to sacrifice the remaining 8 people to complete the ritual. It hints at it in the first paragraph of "Is That You Mother?", but it is confusing. Is Cutter supposed to sacrifice all 8 captive townsfolk to complete the ritual, or is it assumed the ritual is complete by the time the PCs arrive/shortly thereafter?

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