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Ep 1. play results

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I started off with just two players for Episode 1, although many more are expected to join us as time passes. 

Everything went fairly well, I had an even split of them between the folklorists and the survey team. 

the folklorist went on to investigate the dream gate and save the lovely young woman. I noticed that they didn't spend any time in the Library thus far. But i also didn't lead them by the nose through the scenario. 

Successfully Completed with both survivors. 

I was shocked at the ineffectual Moon-Beast I had, and the player also put Jeffries out of his misery shutting down the gate and avoiding the incident with the Lengites. He almost killed the girl though in his efforts to assist her. 

When I had the "other" students return they didn't notice the discrepancy at all. Perfect lead-in to episode 2. 

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