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It's from the herowars/heroquest book ORLANTH IS DEAD!, Sartar Rising, volume 2. Amazon link

From that page - "Orlanth is Dead!, begins the Sartar Campaign with an epic conflict against the Lunar Empire. Whitewall has fallen, and all across Dragon Pass the winds have stopped. As winter deepens and spring fails to come, the rebellion begins in southern Sartar at the supernatural struggle later known as the Battle of Iceland."

Happens Winds Day/Death Week/Dark Season 1621 as an after effect from the fall of Whitewall. "It is morning. Suddenly, the wind stops. Everyone in Sartar freezes with surprise, indecision, fear, and then horror. No wind blows, and the few clouds in the sky stand absolutely still and do not move or change shape. No magic works if it comes from Orlanth, Ernalda, or their subcults."

Hope that helps.

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Also in the revised King of Sartar, p. 139

But Whitewall fell, and the priests killed gods. The powerful priestess Enerian Scarlet, called “beloved of Sedenya,” found the heart of Orlanth that was hidden in the bedrock under the citadel. She crushed it in her hands, and there was a great roar of agony that was so loud it knocked everyone to the ground, and it deafened most hearers permanently. But it ended in a whimper, and the wind stopped. In the Ernalda temple a sleeping goddess was discovered, and the Alkothite named Garoshargash, a Hell priest, strangled it to death. The priests heard a distant wail and great mourning.
Overhead the face of Red Moon smiled and spoke. “You are heroes, my children,” said the Red Goddess, “I will love you forever.”
Her rivals, Orlanth and his spouse Ernalda, were dead. Their magic and influence in the world vanished. Their worshippers were left breathless. A Great Winter immediately descended upon the former Orlanthi lands. All of Kerofinela froze, except those regions of Tarsh protected by our Red Goddess.

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