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Audio Playthrough of Episode One Pt. 1 of 4

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Hey guys! Ok, so I have a podcast. And with the kind permission of these wonderful folks who have provided this awesome campaign for us, I was able to publish an episode. This is the first of four parts of the Time to Harvest Ep. 1. Just be aware that we modified it to make it play in the modern setting. I know the lack of technology seems awfully GM-Hand-Wavy. But, based on what I knew about Pasquallium, it had properties that effected things electromagnetically. So with a little narrative magic, badabing! Turns out electronics dont work so well in Cobb's Corners.

I hope you call enjoy it! If you wanna skip the intro etc, fast forward to about 2:09. I even added some music and ambiance to get it feeling a little creepier. Please please please let me know what you all think! Thanks!


Time to Harvest Ep 1. Pt 1/4

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