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HeroQuest QuickStart?


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I was wondering if there were any plans for a free HeroQuest QuickStart, along the lines of the Call of Cthulhu QuickStart, with basic system rules and a scenario? I'd like to get some people interested in the game, and having a free QuickStart would be a great way get them interested in the system.

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What kind of scenario would you use?

An existing one or a new one?

Would you go for HeroQuest Glorantha or for a scenario using the HeroQuest Core Rules (and therefore a definition of the needed genre pack needs to be included into the QuickStart scenario description)?

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It almost seems like there ought to be two.

A HQ:G quickstart might have something really simple simple like a group of Heortlings going to Apple Lane to rescue Grimble and smuggle him to a safe-house, or perhaps the clan-patron-deity rescue from the core book. Keep the magic and setting options very narrowly focused, but do highlight some weirdness that makes Glorantha stand out and shows how HQ can portray that very smoothly by applying it's very consistent conflict resolution tools.

A HQCR one should briefly implement two contrasting genres, like 80's action TV shows (A-Team, Knight Rider, etc) and D&D-style fantasy, or maybe something even farther afield like Jane Austen novels. Show the different ways it's tuned for the genres, yet still applies the same basic tools. 

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