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Jonstown Compendium No. 9,807: Who owns these treasures?


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On p.55 of Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes an information box is displayed containing the entry No. 9,807 of the Jonstown Compendium. This entry lists several treasures, which according to the text are "kept by one of the famous old clans of the Colymar tribe".

Which tribe is it? According to Sartar Rising Vol. 3: Gathering Thunder Orane's Spindle is owned by the Orlmarth clan. Does this mean, that all the other treasure listed in the entry of the Jonstown Compendium are also kept by the Orlmarth clan?

The fact that the Orlmarth clan has a strong connection to Orane (e.g. Orane's Loom is a holy place in the lands of the Orlmarth clan) is also a strong hint, that these treasures are kept by this clan.

I guess the text entry is not naming the clan directly to make it possible, that these treasures could be assigned to any clan (of the Colymar tribe), which you want to use in your game. But I would like to know the canonical assignment.

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