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Sheoloth The Sprawling City


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2 hours ago, Stoatbringer said:

I bought Sheoloth because I like Melnibonean type elves, and dark elves. The book is good but you need to have some other D&D stuff to understand the setting to some extent.

I also have a drow supplement built for Legend called Inhabitants of the Dark: Savage Drow available on dtrpg.

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Sheoloth is a conversion of a d20 product Mongoose put out in 2003. As such, it is firmly rooted in D&Disms, so if you are familiar with drow, Lolth, The Vault of the Drow/Menzoberranzan should have not trouble using the product as is. If not, then there are a couple of supplementary PDFs that convert material from the Tome of Drow Lore (another Mongoose d20 product): Cults of Sheoloth: The Dark Mother and Houses of Sheoloth.

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