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Cult of Chaos -- we need a logo!

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Heya -- been playing 5E for years but new to the Cult of Chaos and I'm looking forward to giving 7E a shakedown. When I run a game at a store, I like to throw together a home-made GM screen with the tables I like to use (which may or may not match those on the official screen) plus some artwork and the like. D&D's "Adventurer's League" has a spiffy logo but I can't find one for the Cult of Chaos.

If we have one already, where can I download it? If we don't have one, we need one!  :-D


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Okay, read - I think it would be absolutely awesome to have a special logo for the Cult of Chaos - it would make it more recognizable as something Chaosium is putting efforts towards to interact with the community and I think it could really have some cool rewards... At a minimum, you'd probably have another merch revenue stream. :P

My $.02.


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