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M-SPACE RPG is launching today


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After three years of development, FrostByte Books finally releases M-SPACE d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future.
Built upon the Mythras engine (formerly RuneQuest 6), it's a game with a new take on a classic set of rules. BRP-based games are often quick to learn and have a slightly gritty edge, and with a few strategic innovations like Extended Conflicts, modular starship design, and combat Special Effects, opportunities for creative play are greatly expanded on in M-SPACE.
Extended Conflicts is an entirely new mechanic, used to make any conflict as detailed as the players want. You can turn, for example, cocktail parties, pod races and interpretations of obscure manuscripts into thrilling gameplay. Any situation the players decide to focus on uses the same basic mechanics, making them very easy to adapt. Common elements of the d100-engine are used - opposed skill rolls and characteristics - but combined in a new way for more flexible storytelling.
The modular approach to starship design is a first in the BRP/d100 world, with building blocks added in a very straightforward way. Combined with Mythras' creative combat, rewired for starships, the space opera genre is easy to recreate in all its dazzling glory.
Additional chapters cover flexible character creation, passions, modular vehicle design, detailed alien creation, world building, star mapping and rules for creating and running organizations. All in all, a complete setup for most sci-fi needs.
Returning to the roots of roleplaying, the game is not tied to a specific setting. Instead, it works as a toolbox for GameMasters and players to easily create their own imaginary universes. Several world books and campaigns are planned for release in the year to come.
M-SPACE is available as a 220-page softback from Lulu today, on September 19. Link: www.frostbytebooks.com
FrostByte Books is a small publishing company in the south of Sweden. We simply can't get enough of mesmerizing imaginary worlds, and the creative power RPGs bring to their players. M-SPACE is our first roleplaying game.
M-SPACE is published under a Mythras Gateway license provided by The Design Mechanism.
For more information and images contact:
Clarence Redd
M-SPACE 1.0 Cover Small.jpg
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M-SPACE is now available as a PDF! 

We are really happy that so many have found the book already; the response has been amazing. Thank you all. 

Those of you preferring the digital version can buy the PDF in the following ways:

From our website www.frostbytebooks.com.

Or from DriveThruRPG, though it will take a day or so for the title to appear there, depending on how quick DTRPG is. I will post the link as soon as it goes live.

If you have bought a printed book from us earlier this week, you get the PDF for free. Just send an email with the Lulu receipt to clarence.redd@gmail.com, and we will return a download link. 

Please leave a short review, either at DTRPG or Lulu, if you have a moment to spare! It helps greatly to spread the BRP/Mythras goodness.

Here's a rundown of the contents again:
… Intuitive modular starship design
… Quick-paced and creative starship combat, based on the acclaimed Mythras combat rules
… Rules for extended conflicts, applicable to any type of conflict, including social
… Alien & Culture creation
… World Building
… Rules for how to create and run Organizations
… Rich character generation
… Mechanics for Passions & how they affect characters
… Modular vehicle design
… Creative combat rules - in both classic and simplified flavor
… Psionics
… Equipment and ready-made vehicles & starships
The game engine used for all this is Mythras Imperative. 
If you want some more details before you make the decision, check out the preview on our webpage.
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