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Land of Ice and Stone - Caveman voice


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If you're playing some good ol' Land of Ice and Stone, check out what a caveman's voice sounded like. http://media.knssradio.com/a/116810310/we-find-out-what-cavemen-sounded-like.htm jump to the 3:13 mark to bypass the tripe (it's a 10 minute audio of the news).

A caveman that was killed by an arrow in the Alps basically had his vocal cords studied, then his voice was appoximated. There's not much voice, only the vowels said in Italian, but pretty cool i thought.

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Thanks for the link - He must have had a sore throat!

He's a bit later than Land of Ice and Stone, Late Neolithic/Early Copper Age, but still interesting.

My take is that Paleolithic Homo Sapiens were pretty much the same as we are, perhaps more robust due to the harsh climate, but essentially the same. So, they would have sounded and looked like us. Neanderthals might have sounded different, but not that different. I am firmly in the "Similar branches of the same tree" camp, inj the same way as in the Earth's Children series of books.

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