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OpenQuest the making of...

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Earlier this year when I did the OpenQuest Bundle of Holding I did a write up of how each of the OpenQuest games came together on my Sorcerer Under Mountain blog.

If you are interested in this here's the links to each of the articles:

The Company (Modern Warfare OpenQuest)

River of Heaven (Sci-Fi OpenQuest)

OpenQuest (Fantasy/Base system)

Life and Death (Adventure/Setting for OpenQuest)

The Savage North (Adventure/Setting for OpenQuest)

Crucible of Dragons (Adventure/Setting for OpenQuest)

If this whets your appetite they are all available via the d101 web store* or Drivethrurpg.com.

*Remember to use the discount code "brpfan" which gives you 25% off until 30th Sept 2016. Postage free in the UK.


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