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Here's a 3d printable terrain system thats sized for Cthulhu miniatures in case any of you are interested.


Its in 3x3 sized pieces with 2 inch high walls.

The first lineup will be Dungeons, Caverns and Sewers.

There will be a gothic victorian city later in 2017

Debut video of the Tilescape Modular Building System™

Here you can see the three main components of the system: the tile, the frame, and the link. This example is to show how easy it is to use, how secure the connections are, and how perfect it is for tabletop gaming!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our Tilescape DUNGEONS core set consists of 30 pieces (and that is ONLY the Dungeon core) to interchange for endless dungeons. There are tons of possibilities and lots more you can do with this system...tune in for more videos, pictures, and demonstrations!

Don't forget to like our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rocketpiggames

Don't forget to join our Forum:







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11 hours ago, Yelm's Light said:

Free advertising, anyone?

It is my understanding that a 1-off ad for a product (if it ties in closely to the "core" products of interest to the extended BRP community) is acceptable here.  Just as a 3rd-party who writes/publishes a CoC-compatible adventure, or a Bronze-Age one for RQ/Mythras/etc, is OK here... so is a mini's-related company making product at the unusual scale of GodWars/CthuhuWars (I think "generic" minis-terrain would be less-welcome).

That said...I'm gonna ask for Someone Official to clarify things.  I'd hate for generic adverspam to innundate the site!


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Wait until you see Gothic City in a couple of weeks!!!

The GOTHIC CITY Kickstarter will go LIVE in early January, a couple weeks most likely.
It will be a massive line to make an entire Industrial Fantasy City.
I wont be surprised if the individual piece count easily exceeds a thousand different parts.





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