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Running Orient Express After Time to Harvest

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Initially I was planning on running Horror on the Orient Express for my players with their current investigators after they completed A Time to Harvest. That is until I realized that ATtH takes place in the 30s while HotOE takes place in 1923. So I started brainstorming some ideas about how to make this mesh.

A ) ATtH actually takes place in the early 20s (probably about 1921)

B ) HotOE  actually takes place in the mid 30s

C ) The conclusion of ATtH someone sends the players back to around 1923 and I rope them into HotOE somehow

The con with plan A is that based on continuity certain events (Whisperer in the Darkness) wouldn't have happened yet so it would throw a wrench into the Akeley/Wilmarth relationship.
The con with plan B is that any historical events (Irish revolution, tensions between socialists and fascists) would have to be rewritten/scrapped completely.
Plan C just seems like a total cop out to me that would require a lot of work for minimal/weird pay out.

What do you guys think? Any solutions I'm overlooking? How would you potentially handle this situation.

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I'd run HotOE (1923) and then aTtH (1930's).  If HotOE characters survive, then they could be only 7+ years older.

With aTtH completely released, I'd say it would have taken me less than 6 months to run with weekly sessions of 4 hrs each.  But my group skipped the Mi-Go base and the Cobbs Corners finale.

HotOE is taking me almost 2 years to run, but I'm running it once every 2 weeks at 4 hrs each session, so it would take about 1 year if at the same pace as aTtH.

I'd start aTtH with students, but all replacement characters can be survivors from HotOE.  You can make HotOE survivors employees of FOC.

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