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My Maps and art work.

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My player have been looking for a entrance to the underworld. They picked up rumors of a cave that has many dark story's told about it. All the rumors ended in the explorers never being see again. The

As there was some questions asked. All the art I have shared has been my own. Using ProFantacy, Adobe Photoshop, and a number of other art programs. They are free for any one to use. And I place no re

Ok it has been a long time since I posted any art. 

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6 hours ago, Matt_E said:

What's orcish for "bait and switch"? :P

Why would you say that?

"That over there is our most beautiful princess with her ugly handmaiden. You mustn't speak to her before the ceremony."

Anything else is a mere misunderstanding.

"No, the handmaiden isn't part of this deal."

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It ended up being quite a fun and ongoing adventure. In our current campaign World, Orcs are called the soulless. Orcs Originated 9 centuries ago win the earth was under the dominion of the  Azalea commonly called the Devourers. As the Azazel Sustained life and gained power through the consuming of Sentient  souls. A great shaman of the human tribes in the  highlands had combated this by  binding the highland tribes soils to a Giant quartz crystal hidden deep with one of their Sacret caves. Then Bound the spirit of The great boar to his People. This made the tribe For the most part invisible to the Azazel as they  can only see the spirit nature of things. Overtime the people and there Descendants of this ritual took on a much more brutish aperance. Within 500 years the Orcs had Grown in numbers to the point that they became a Serious threat to the Azazel. But Enough of the history as it stands now in my campaign word the Azazel are looking to once again Conquer man. But Have been doing it from the shadows  using religion to encourag the wars and hat between the orcs and man. Also the time is right for a new binding Which will happen as the last part of the wedding ceremony Which the players will be part Of they have Decided to help combat the Azazel. As of yet they have not really asked the Shaman What’s really involved In the ceremony.  Or  realized that technically they could be bound to any Spirit animal type. 

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On 23/04/2018 at 5:40 PM, Belgath said:

 These two pictures were used in the recent adventure that My groups my characters had deal with Trying to hold alliance together where the piece agreement. Will be sealed With marriage to end a 30 year war. The  slightly Better looking  woman is what the young Prince was led to believe his soon-to-be wife would  looked like. And the other is the one is What she actually looks like the most prized woman of renown amongst the orcs. He must marry her true intent. To the satisfaction of the orcish shaman. To prevent Destruction of the kingdom by Orcish hords. The players job is to make sure the marriage happens And that the prince doesn’t back out.

Sounds like Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves, or the old joke with the punchline "Right, where is the chief's daughter that I have to wrestle?"

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On 4/29/2018 at 3:47 PM, Bilharzia said:

Belgath's campaign write ups always make me feel I'm running mine in Pleasantville by comparison, especially now looking at that hollow planet/place/thing?...

The hollow planet/place/thing was a pain in the ass and is a map that I’ll probably never finish. As keeping track of all the prospective was giving me headaches. Planter/place/thing is a good description as I had no real idea for the place, other then a crazy 3D world. 

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It is fun to make the items. But the best part is seeing how much fun my kids have playing with the stuff. There way excited for GenCon this year I have promised to make them full outfits = armor, weapon, accessories etc  this year about 50% done but have a lot of work to go, but I’m starting to feel the time crunch.

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Hello everybody it’s been a while. Life has been a bit crazy busy. But Finally found time to start working  on a new campaign. Ruin Seeps Through Shallow Wounds. In this world the two major oceans are completely separated by a narrow volcanically active land mass. That runs along one of the tectonic plates. There’s two major port cities that allow trade between The two major bodies of water. And of course because there Location there is direct competition and a lot of intrigue between the two cities. The player characters Get thrown right into the mix keeping it very open world. It will be interesting to see what direction the players decide to go in.  Small rural towns sit outside of the main cities have them spaced out about every 4 to 6 miles stretching along the volcanic islands. There is plenty of room as the cities are being re-inhabited yes after a long span of  just abandon being abandoned. People are being paid to move in and Homestead what a fortunate time to be alive.






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On 10/15/2016 at 10:40 PM, HierophantX said:


So I am a fan of the Midlands partly because of this complex history of being a border.  I live a mile from the River Nene, and I am surrounded by layers of towns that were Roman and then Saxon and then sometimes even Viking. Some of the bits of bog iron I pick out of my flower beds may be slag from Roman iron works.  Anyways I want to set a campaign imagining a Saxon conquest/settlement of the Nene valley and areas around the Fens.

What would be useful to depict is Roman settlements north of London and south of Lincoln (Ermine Street or the A1 if you prefer), East Anglia, and a little bit to the left, say out to Warwick.  Terrain depicted.  Tribal areas.  What do you think?  

I just found this @HierophantX... did you @Belgath ever collaborate on the map?

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