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My players are about to undergo the optional adventure The Blood Red Fez, and I noticed that the pre-gens didn't have their skills updated to 7th gen rules.  No biggie there.  Most of what I have left to do is look up the spells the bad guy and the neutral guy have.  But then--oops--multiple of these spells were removed from the 7th edition rules, and I can't find an explanation for exactly what they do online anywhere.


Very frustrating!  It's really too late to save me for this session today, so there is no point in listing out the spell names now and I will just have to wing it blindly.  But I am wondering whether there is any errata available for HOTOE anywhere?  Maybe I could use it to be better prepared for future sessions.

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My pdf copy of HotOE has updated pre-gen investigators on p.97-100, Book 2.

Book 2, p. 94 (spell description) Shadow Void

Book 2, p.96 (spell description) Dance of the Gelin, Golden Cage of Desire

CoC 7th, Keeper Rulebook
p.249: Chant of Thoth
p.254: Dominate.
p.255, Eldar Sign
p.265: Voorish Sign
p,260: Mental Suggestion.  The text is almost the same as Mesmerize in 6th edition, but with updated details.

CoC 6th,
p.243 Steal Life. Spell costs 8 magic points, 1d20 SAN. Target must be within sight and hearing range.  Caster must overcome target's magic points on resistance table.  Each combat round spell is cast, drain 1 pt each of STR, CON, DEX, POW, APP from target.  Each point drained, the caster becomes a 1 week younger.  e.g. 8 rounds of drain = 40 weeks younger.  The target withers, turns gray, and flakes away.  At the end of the spell, the target becomes a horrid dry husk which costs 0/1d6 SAN to see.  If spell is not cast on the night of the full moon, caster does not gain youth, but victim still dies.  If caster is slain before the victim dies, the spell cancels and the lost points are returned to the target.
p.247 Voice of Ra.  Spell requires 5 magic pts, 1 SAN.  2 hrs to cast. Lasts 24 hrs.  Adds 1d10 (x5 for 7th Ed) App to caster and increases 20% to caster's Bargain, Credit Rating, Fast Talk, Persuade, and Psychology skills.

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