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M-SPACE Review


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The first reviews of M-SPACE have started to appear, and here’s one on the Spanish site Mundos Inconclusos:


If you, like me, don’t read Spanish, try Google Translate to get the big picture.

A short quote: "A combination of the D100 system and classic science fiction. Thoroughly recommendable. Hopefully M-Space will inspire the emergence of more publications by third parties for Mythras. With the level of this game, I welcome it."

I’m actually surprised the translation between Spanish and English isn’t working better. Drop me a line if you know of a more accurate tool than Google! 

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Unfortunately, automated translation is... a non-trivial undertaking.

Star Trek invented the "Universal Translator" 50 years ago, and sci-fi geeks have had unrealistic expectations ever since!   :P

(congratulations on a glowing review, btw!)


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