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The Bailiske

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The like propertie hath the serpent called a Basiliske: bred it is in the province Cyrenaica, and is not above twelve fingers-breadth long: a white spot like a starre it carrieth on the head, and setteth it out like a coronet or diademe: if he but hisse once, no other serpents dare come neere: he creepeth not winding and crawling by as other serpents doe, with one part of the bodie driving the other forward, but goeth upright and aloft from the ground with the one halfe part of his bodie: he killeth all trees and shrubs not only that he toucheth, but that he doth breath upon also: as for grasse and hearbs, those hee sindgeth and burneth up, yea and breaketh stones in sunder: so venimous and deadly is he. It is received for a truth, that one of them upon a time was killed with a launce by an horseman from his horseback, but the poison was so strong that went from his bodie along the staffe, as it killed both horse and man: and yet a sillie weazle hath a deadly power to kill this monstrous serpent, as pernicious as it is [for may kings have been desirous to see the experience thereof, and the manner how he is killed.] See how Nature hath delighted to match everything in the world with a concurrent. The manner is, to cast these weazles into their holes and cranies where they lye, (and easie they be to knowe, by the stinking sent of the place all about them; they are not so soone within, but they overcome them with their strong smell, but they die themselves withall; and so Nature for her pleasure hath the combat dispatched.



STR 3D6+6| 16-17| Move: 2

CON 2D6+6 |19| Hit Points: 12

SIZ 3D6| 10-11| Fatigue: 36

INT 5| 5|

POW 5D6 |17-18|

DEX 3D6 |10-11|[/table]

[table=head]Hit location| d20| Points

Head |18-20 |8/4

LF Leg| 16-17 |8/3

RF Leg |14-15 |8/3

Body |07-13| 8/5

LH Leg |05-06| 8/4

RH Leg| 03-04 |8/4

Tail| 01-02| 8/4[/table]

[table=head]Weapon |SR |Attack% |Damage

Gaze| 1 |Auto |POW vs. POW or death|

Breath| 4| Auto| Poison gas with POT=CON

Bite |8 |25-2| 1D8+1D4[/table]

Notes: A basiliske can use its gaze attack against one opponent each melee round, on SR 1. The only way to avoid the basiliske's gaze is to fight with closed eyes. Just trying to avoid looking at it will not help. When attacking with its deadly gaze, the basiliske match its POW vs. its opponent's. Failure to resist the gaze means instant death. The basiliske's breath can release an invisible poison gas, with POT equal to its CON. The breath attack costs the basiliske 1D6 fatigue points to use per round. Anyone within 3 meters of the basiliske who do not hold their breath, will have to match their CON vs. the POT of the gas at the end of each round. Failure means that POT damage is taken to total hit points. A success means that only 1/2 POT damage is taken. The basiliske can use all its attack during a melee round

Skills: Scan 40+4, Search 30+4, Hide 40-7, Dodge 35+2.

Armor: 8 point scales

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
b1.gif 116/420. High Priest.

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