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Shields - how would you use?

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So how would you use shields with the 7e rules?

I'm converting some of the Invictus scenarios to 7e and not quite sure how to address this since combat is an opposed roll with the better roll winning. I dont think dodge would be appropriate because i'm not dodging. I mean sure, i'm trying not to get hit, but with a shield i am purposely putting an object between myself and the attacker, and possibly moving to not get hit as well.

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Although the rules for shields are not in the CoC7E corebook, there are rules for them in the 7E system.

You need to get the supplement Cthulhu Thru The Ages, as it has char gen and game mechanics for several different eras and settings. The rulebook is very slim, and would have made a great appendix to the core CoC 7E rulebook. Shields are definitely covered in there.

From memory it works a little bit differently to using Shields in RQ or the BGB. Maybe closer to Elric/Stormbringer I think, I'm unsure.

 I do remember that you can use a Shield with different outcomes, depending on if you are using it defensively or aggressively.

The primary way to use a Shield is to use it defensively. If doing this, then you choose to use the Dodge option; however you roll your Shield skill instead of the Dodge skill. If you beat or draw with the opponent's Fighting roll, then the attack is fully blocked, and no damage is done.

If you succeed, but the opponent has a better success level, then you only manage to parry some damage, instead of a full block. You roll a shield AP dice (which varies according to shield size), and the result is reduced from the attacker's rolled damage. I'm unsure, but i think if the opponent succeeds two levels better (ie rolls an Extreme and the defender only rolls a Regular success) then I don't think any significant parrying took place, and you would take full damage.

I can't remember but I think holding a shield may affect your movement due to it's weight, so I'm unsure if this affects any Initative rolls or fleeing etc. I do remember that you can state that you want to put a concerted effort into trying to block/parry, and you gain a Bonus Dice to your Shield roll, although I think you forfeit any attack roll within that turn. 

If you choose to use the shield aggressively then you use it with the Fight Back option. You roll your Shield skill, and if you beat the attacker's success level then you have managed to shield bash, and roll damage to the attacker. However if the attacker draws with you, or rolls a better success than you, then they get past your shield and you take full damage. So, as usual, Fighting Back is a gamble that either pays off well, or pays off badly.

I have not used these rules yet, so I am a little hazy, but I think that was the general gist. There must be a bit more to it however.  I don't have the book here to check, but I'm somewhere in the ballpark on it.

It would be well worth your while to grab the Cthulhu Thru The Ages pdf to clarify. If you are running an ancient roman setting there are rules for updating to Invictus 7E in there, which includes weaponry and also general background information and how to fit this into the 7E rules.

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