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Doors to Darkness Errata

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I realize it has been a couple months since you posted this request, but I have just started going through the book and found a couple things, so thought I would report them:

1. Darkness Beneath the Hill: Page 31, column 1, paragraph 1 under the header The Lair of S'Syaa-H'Riss, line 11, Josh Winscott is referred to as Josh "Wainscot".

2. Darkness Beneath the Hill: Page 31, Column 1 text wrap against Map 3 should have an increased margin. First four lines of column 1 are hitting the map border.

3. Genius Loci: Starting on page 37, alternating page header should read "Genius Loci", not "Genius Lioci".

It's not much, but it is what I have come across so far. Not exactly on topic, but do you think Genius Loci can be run in one session?

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Sorry to revisit a long dead thread but I noticed a few things while looking over Servants of the Lake. They aren't all necessarily clear errors, but I've noted them below for your reference.

Dialogue is italicized throughout the scenario, with the single exception of the Brophys' responses to potential questions on page 61, which are written in the form of dialogue but not italicized. Perhaps for consistency this should be altered?

As the text on page 61 refers to the Brophy 'brothers' having been concerned and burying James due to that, I wonder if it would make more sense to use "the Brophys were concerned someone might come..." rather than "the Brophys are concerned someone may come...".

Again on page 61, it should read "(STR roll required to break down)" in brackets, not "(STR roll breakdown)".

There's a significant error on the guest sign in handout (page 65). Jacob signs in right under Abe. However in the scenario Jacob is not 100% sure Abe was at the motel. Surely if he signed in right under his lover he would have noticed this? I think the error could be rectified by just removing Abe from the top of the handout and noting the 'brothers' remove pages whenever they disappear a guest, which would explain why Jacob didn't see Abe's name.

The scenario is ostensibly set in the 1920s as written. However Bill's car is listed as a 1930 yellow Buick Marquette (page 64). He should not have this car given the decade the scenario is set in.

Sarah and Bill have cars listed on page 64. Jacob, despite having also driven there, has no car listed. Listing a car for him as well would be helpful for a keeper describing the parking lot on the fly.

Our group had an excellent time with this scenario. In my opinion, any minor alterations made in relation to the above comments would only further improve a strong product.

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On 2/18/2020 at 3:23 PM, smithh65 said:

…I noticed a few things while looking over Servants of the Lake.

I second these, having just run the scenario last night and run into some of these issues, and will add two more:

  1. While the scenario itself provides no dates beyond "the 1920s", the guestbook-page handout suggests that it takes place in mid-to-late January. It would be good to add this information to the introduction so that Keepers aren't caught out by this, as I was.
  2. Further to the above, it doesn't seem credible to me or my players—playing in Beverly, Massachusetts, right about where Arkham is supposed to be—that anyone would have come to northern Massachusetts with the intention of fishing in the middle of winter; the lake (which is more of a pond) would most likely be frozen, for one thing. We collectively agreed that the scenario would be more plausibly set later in the spring.

One issue that @smithh65 raises, about Jacob Trent's vehicle, was a non-issue in my game; I assumed he'd hitchhiked, and that his lack of a vehicle was part of the reason he was still at the motel instead of off summoning the police to look into Abe's disappearance.

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