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GMs for Chaosium Events in 2017


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So many events coming in 2017!

We are planning to make a presence at five conventions this year, setting up our booth and running games for more and more people. But we need GMs. Chaosium thrives because of dedicated fans such as yourselves. So please consider contacting us about being a GM at one of our events!

Featured events:

Gamestorm takes place in Portland, OR on March 30th - April 2nd at the Red Lion Jantzen Beach. We debuted The Dead Boarder at this event in 2016. This year we are increasing our presence by placing a booth in the dealer's room and scheduling games for people to sign up for in advance.

If you GM for 12 hours of table time at Gamestorm, we will get you a free badge to the convention, a Chaosium convention gift pack (which will include some fun gifts from Chaosium licensees, like Fantasy Flight).

Deadline for signing up with us as a GM: January 30th


The UK Games Expo is an amazing event in the West Midlands. This three-day event is home to the Cthulhu Masters, a semi-competitive version of Call of Cthulhu where a single winner is determined at the end of their tournament. Chaosium will be hosting games at this event, running our convention-exclusive scenario, the Free RPG Day adventure, and our two demos. A massive step up from previous years.

If you GM at this event, you would fall under the UKGE GM policies and we would be happy to help facilitate the hours-keeping and scheduling. They offer a series of incentives for running games there, ranging from badge, food vouchers and accommodation (5+ four-hour sessions), to a full weekend badge (eight hours of running). We'll schedule the tables and log your time, making sure you are covered for this event.

Last Day to commit to this event: March 31st.


While the details of this event are still being worked out, we are happy to fit into Origins' ongoing "Cthulhuthon", a center point for groups such as Rogue Cthulhu, Shoggoth.net, and this year, Chaosium Inc. Exclusive convention content is planned, and you get to be part of an entire gloom-ridden part of the convention center. 

GMing for Chaosium will earn you a free badge to Origins, through Chaosium, for 12 hours of volunteering. Our renown prize support for running games will be repeated here, including special GM volunteer gift bags. 

Last day to join Chaosium in Columbus: April 14th.


The three non-stop tables we ran for the 2016 Gen Con were extremely popular. But with two different demos, a new Free RPG Day scenario coming, and a special convention-only scenario, we can easily expand on last year's success by taking an entire room in the main convention center. Expanding to ten or more non-stop tables is a bold move, but we know that there is enough demand for Call of Cthulhu.

But we need GMs. Lots of GMs. That's 50+ hours, up to twelve tables, which means 42 or more GMs needed for full staffing. Can you be part of this diabolical experiment? 

As with every other convention, if you offer 12 hours of table time, we will match your volunteer spirit with a free badge to the event. There will be prizes and a raffle for a major prize at the end of the event. Last year Sam Briskin won a red leatherette collector's edition of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. (Sam at our booth!). We guarantee that this will be the most amazing--and sanity blasting--event of the year with us. We encourage you to make plans to attend Gen Con and be part of our Insanity 500.

Deadline to be part of the insanity: June 2nd.

Event scheduling is happening now

All of these events are having their schedules created right now. These big conventions need big planning and we are booking hundreds of event listings this month in preparation for a huge summer for Chaosium. Not only is the massive demand for Call of Cthulhu being fulfilled, but we are creating special sessions, planning demos of the upcoming RuneQuest RPG, and filling tables with board and card game previews for products under development. Want to play with a well known writer? We've got you covered!

But we need your participation. The Cult of Chaos is organized to run games for people at public events and this is your chance to hit the largest events, tickets paid for by us.

Contact Todd@Chaosium about your intent to rule games with us and help build the biggest summer we've ever had.

And thanks for all of the effort you do on your own for Call of Cthulhu and Chaosium. We love what you do and want to continue to support your GMing of these games.

--Todd Gardiner
Director of Organized Play
Chaosium Inc.

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No DunDraCon???  :angry:   www.DunDraCon.com

They even have a special track for CoC7 quickstart/intro sessions (or course, general "newb-friendly" CoC7 games are also welcome in the general gaming schedule).   They CLAIM to be doing a "partnership" with Chaosium...


Personally, I was hoping to get my first taste of RQ-New there...


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On 12/22/2016 at 10:07 AM, Rick Meints said:

Unfortunately, Chaosium doesn't have an office or staff in California any more.

We are happy to help DunDraCon run events, provide them prize support etc. 

I don't expect to have new-RQ playtest events run there though.

Just wanted to drop a note here in this thread thanking Steve (since I asked here) for running a game at DunDraCon... much fun!!!  Apologies for not hitting this thread earlier to give the acknowledgement!

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