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Interludes:  Stalked on the Mountainside


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Interludes:  Stalked on the Mountainside

This game aid presents a few linked scenes to spice up or round out a larger scenario of yours, to serve as a centerpiece or inspiration for your own full adventure, or to fill in a sundry night’s gaming between “real” episodes in your story arc.  It could also help in cases where your players zig instead of zagging.  The supplement is shorter than a full adventure, but its scenes do offer a beginning, middle, and end, with a clearly defined setting, sample characters, traps, an adversarial creature, and brutal action.

This interlude is an unanticipated “monster hunt", in which the characters’ abilities in fighting, tactics, stealth, and outdoorsmanship are tested.  From a horror perspective, it fits the “slasher" genre.  Stalked on the Mountainside has been crafted for the MYTHRAS gaming system, and should be rather compatible with other d100 systems as well.  

You are free to use this material in your own game world, for fun.  If you are interested in doing more than that, such as incorporating it into a scenario or campaign setting for publication, please contact us.

Interludes:  Stalked on the Mountainside is offered as Pay What You Want.  If you like it, please consider leaving a tip, but in any case it's yours for the taking.  Happy gaming!

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