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Swords of Central Genertela

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Preview of the front cover. In a day or two I will be updating the file on DriveThruRPG.

Men of the West now has a color wrap-around cover by Mark Smylie. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/325525/Men-of-the-West?src=hottest_filtered?affiliate_id=2310005  

Will just leave this here...

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1 hour ago, M Helsdon said:

Both appear on the front cover.

The layout is based on Harald's map of Mirin's Cross.

Looks like Jar-eel there with her lyre.  And marching along the Daughter's Road (upper level, I think).

And love the artwork!  

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To mark the one year anniversary since its first publication, this is now available with a new wraparound cover by Mark Smylie.
The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass
The timeless appeal of the legends of the Hero Wars has resulted in an enduring interest in the period.
Surviving texts, supplemented by archaeological evidence, are used here as the basis of this reconstruction of the combatants of the initial phases of that world-shattering conflict.
Focused on Dragon Pass and the surrounding regions (Peloria, Pent, Prax and Maniria), this volume presents details of the warriors, soldiers and mercenaries of the opening periods of the Hero Wars, their arms and armor, their cultures, histories and organization, the terrain they traveled, the battlefields on which they fought, their fortifications, their magic, and their gods.
Army Lists provide details of the regiments and other entities that fought in this epic conflict, supplemented by numerous illustrations of the participants.
Bonus chapters:
  • Lunar Army Strength
  • Righteous War
  • Jar-eel Marches Forth from Mirin’s Cross
Warning: adult themes - some aspects of Bronze Age warfare may be distressing.
By Martin Helsdon with invaluable assistance from Jeff Richard. Based on the mythic universe created by Greg Stafford.
Winner of the 2019 Greg Stafford Memorial Award

Armies & Enemies new preview.png

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7 minutes ago, 7Tigers said:

Just in case for buyers: if you see several files for download, latest file is
not old
(DTRPG glitch)

The 'plus covers' was an early test file I didn't realise was visible; it has been deleted and should no longer appear.

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