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Mini-campaigns or one-shots for just three investigators

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I have four players for HOTOE, and at the current rate, with all optional scenarios added in, I figure this is going to last me 2-3 years.  We meet almost every other week for 6-8 hours, but our pace seems to be slower than what is common, and it's a pace everyone is comfortable with.  I mean, yeesh, it looks like the Blood Red Fez is going to take four (!) sessions, and again we are talking 6-8 hours each.  And Paris is next.


Anyhow, one of my four players is going to be unexpectedly absent for about three months, which is going to put a damper on the game.  I mean, I could possibly carry one of the players for a missed session, playing their character for them, but for 8-9 long sessions in a row?  Not so much.  Plus I have invested in some high-end props, and I don't want to deny any of my players the full experience.


So its a tough call but I am leaning towards suspending the HOTOE campaign and inserting an unrelated mini-campaign, or failing that some one-shots.  I'd prefer 7th Ed but could possibly convert,  and pre-gens might be a bonus.  And I like well fleshed-out scenarios with a lot of props and supplemental material.  But most importantly, it would need to work well with just three investigators, when most seem to be designed for 4-6.


Does anyone have any specific scenario suggestions for three investigators?  

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