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Pulp Cthulhu Campaign Journal

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I am putting together a 5-6 session pulp cthulhu campaign for my group and am going to use this as the dumping ground for ideas, as well as a journal for how it goes as I run it. I'm doing this on the Cult of Chaos board so all of the talent out there can weigh in, which in the end will make it a lot better!

Things that must be in the campaign:

  • Nazis/Thule Society
  • zeppelin
    • Byakhee attacking it?
  • jungle or desert expedition
  • lost ruins
  • takes place on at least 2 different continents
  • weird science of some kind

Things that might be in it

  • Thuggee cult
  • hollow earth

Things that won't be featured as big parts (if at all):

  • Mi-Go (just got done with ATtH, want to avoid them if possible)
  • subs (again just did a sub scenario)

Will probably steal some things from Thing at the Threshold since it has some of these elements.



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If you're thinking about Nazis and the Occult (always a fun pairing, donchaknow), I created a Basic Roleplaying campaign a while back which was, basically, a 'Hellboy if the Nazis won instead', and ended up with a lot of weird stuff dealing with the occult, etc.  In my alternate history, the Ahnenerbe ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahnenerbe ) on their Tibetan expedition ended up finding, acquiring and deciphering the Unknown Sutra ( see History at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yungbulakang_Palace ), which lead to a mastery of actual magical possibilities.

Chasing the Ahnenerbe around trying to prevent them from uncovering ancient mystical horrors might be a good starting point.  See "The Nazi Expedition to Tibet" in ( http://studybuddhism.com/en/advanced-studies/history-culture/shambhala/the-nazi-connection-with-shambhala-and-tibet ) for some other interesting bits.

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Awesome - will check it out. Our first session was supposed to be this past week, but weather caused only 1 player to be able to show up. So we did his character creation then did a one-on-one scenario together.

That being said, he is also starting to run games and is joining the Cult of Chaos. Since he'll be in my games, I don't want to post potential spoilers. However, once I am done with the campaign I'll upload it here.

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