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Greetings MW-Users,

My queries concern spell levels and memory.

A 16 INT spell-caster wants to add Sorcerer's Talons (1-4) @ level-three to her repertoire, taking up three slots in her memory "...book shelf...". She now has 13 levels/slots left (16-3=13). All well and good, but then with narrowed eyes she asks, "I'll also be able to cast this spell at level one and two. I mean, I know it at level one and two...right?"


Can she...or to know all three levels of the spell, does she have to dedicate a slot for ST (1), two slots for ST (2), AND three for ST (3)...meaning she'd have had to dedicate SIX INT slots rather than three?

Cheers, mates, and thanks for the replies.

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Thanks for the replies! I was thinking the same thing: if magic were very rare, rather than simply the exception in my setting, I might consider following the more conservative route. As it is, I'm going with the: you have it at three...and two and one...for 3 slots.




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INT slots are quite limited and opportunities for increasing INT are rare. If you enforce each level of each spell taking up an equal amount of INT-space then your sorcerers will be very limited one-spell wonders. For not much gain in play, I reckon. Also, I would imagine that casting a lesser version of a known spell would not require much extra knowledge. Just burn the purple flame a little lower, chant more quietly to the Outer Gods, or use only a quarter of the specified juju paste...

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