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Useful Macros for Roll20


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I made some useful Macros for my BRP Roll20 Game.

The first one is a roll 1D100 vs Skill.

Input Skill.pngInput Skill Multiplier.pngInput Modifier.pngRoll Results.png

The macro code is:

&{template:default} {{name=Roll D100}} {{Rolled=[[d100]]}} {{Skill Rating = [[?{Skill Rating|0}]]}} {{Total Modifier = [[ceil((?{Skill Rating|0}*?{Multiplier|1})+?{Modifier|0})-?{Skill Rating|0}]]}} {{Success! = [[ceil((?{Skill Rating|0}*?{Multiplier|1})+?{Modifier|0})]] }} {{Special Success! = [[ceil(((?{Skill Rating|0}*?{Multiplier|1})+?{Modifier|0})*1/5)]]}} {{Critical Success! = [[ceil(((?{Skill Rating|0}*?{Multiplier|1})+?{Modifier|0})*1/20)]]}}


The second one is the Resistance Roll

Input Active Attribute.pngInput Passive Attribute.pngResistance Roll Results.png

The macro code is:

&{template:default} {{name=Resistance Roll}} {{Active Attribute [[?{Active Attribute|0}]] = Passive Attribute [[?{Passive Attribute|0}]]}} {{Rolled=[[1d100]]}} {{Success!=[[5*(10+?{Active Attribute|0}-?{Passive Attribute|0})]]}}

The third one is a Damage Macro

Input Damage.pngInput Damage Bonus.pngDamage Bonus Multiplier.pngDamage Result.png

The macro code is:

&{template:default} {{name=Damage Roll}} {{Rolling = ?{Damage Dice|1d3}+?{Damage Bonus|1d4}*?{Damage Bonus Multiplier|1}}} {{Rolled = [[?{Damage Dice|1d3}+ceil(?{Damage Bonus|1d4}*?{Damage Bonus Multiplier|1})]]}} 

The last one I have is an initiative macro, it uses the token's DEX to determine the initiative.

The macro code is:

/me @{selected|token_name} [[@{selected|DEX} &{tracker}]]

I'm going to make a modify initiative sometime later. Hopefully this is useful for some people here.

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You like Fading Suns? Well, I made a thing that's kinda like it!


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