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Cathulhu Game and CoC later on: Recruitment

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Not sure if this is okay to post here but here goes.


I am currently running a CAThulhu game, and need two more cats since two of my people have bailed. The group was previously all women so tolerance and respect in that regard are important,


I am also looking to form a more long term group of players so I can run things, and my all women group is getting scattered and less devoted. (there's still a strong interest for dnd 5 ed but not CoC sadly.) Everyone is too busy, and I have all this free time, so I need players that can dedicate themselves and show up when they say they will. (no shade on my current group, just life gets in the way.)


If interested, please email me at smeeprocket@gmail.com. 


The Discord channel is https://discord.gg/38gnzg5


This is the multigender channel, If I somehow end up with only women interested, I and some others have an all girls discord channel as well, which is a spinoff of /r/girlgamers.


Hope to hear from you peeps. Was thinking the first thing I'd run for CoC would be the Haunting since it seems to have good reviews.

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