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EN World Talks Stormbringer

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A great write-up! Thanks for posting the link here.

The only thing I disagree with (and this is pointed out by one of the commenters at ENworld) is that Stormbringer wasn't a demon weapon. It was just "created" with a different set of rules :D .

The GW version of Stormbringer is the first RPG I ever ran as GM. Unfortunately, my rulebook fell apart and is now clipped into a 4-ring binder. (As an aside, the same happened with my copy of Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader, so perhaps GW's production quality wasn't that great at the time.) I still love the rank-based magic system. The effort it took to increase in rank and the risks associated with dealing with demons remains one of my favourite mechanics.


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I loved the GW Stormbringer. The random characters, the demon summoning, the very deadly combats. Different nationalities had wildly differing starting attributes. Magic using characters were very rare (you needed at least 16 POW and 16 INT, though if you were a Melnibonean or a Pan Tangian this was more likely), but bound demons were very powerful. I enjoyed the total randomness of character generation (inherited to a lesser extent by WFRP): your life as a Vilmirian peasant would be very different from that of a Melnibonean noble!

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