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Recruiting replacement player(s) for PbF HQG Orlmarth campaign


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Due to a recent player departure, I am recruiting replacement player(s) for my ongoing PbF HQG Orlmarth campaign.  The campaign is based on the Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes outline where the heroes are members of the Orlmarth clan in Dragon Pass struggling against the oppressive magical might of the Lunar Empire.

The caveat is that this campaign is currently mid-session, and ideally I'm looking for players willing to pick up and run an existing 'orphaned' character (at least until the current 'session' reaches its conclusion).  These existing characters are: 

  1. a young and curious sage named Harrik Greybeard - writeup is here: https://rpggeek.com/geeklist/176330/item/3722319#item3722319
  2. a midwife and godtalker of Ernalda named Eirlys Allmother - writeup here: https://rpggeek.com/geeklist/176330/item/4098393#item4098393

Note: while picking up an existing character is my preference, I'm open to discussing other ideas.

My general guidelines:

  • It is intended to be fun and player-friendly
  • We use the HeroQuest Glorantha system
  • We use RPGGeek for the PbF environment - it's very straightforward for posting, but you will need to create an account there
  • No familiarity with the setting is required, and I'm happy to help get folks up-to-speed
  • Posting varies but typically ranges from once a day to once every couple days [real-life intervenes with all of us]
  • If you can't post for a period of time, that's not a problem, but easier to plan if we know in advance

If you have interest, post a reply or message me here.  Most likely I can accommodate two players at this point.

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I've just started playing in a NOOB PbF game on rpggeek (part of the 2017 new players initiative).  Going forward, if I end up enjoying PbF, I would be interested in any PCing in a Glorantha campaign.  I grew up on RQ2/Glorantha back in the day.  GMed in Pavis and also ran a troll campaign using the Troll Pack.    I'm new to HQ but I bought the HQ/Glorantha PDF and I'm reading it.  And it sounds interesting.

Anyway, I don't want to commit to anything now.  But please keep me in mind if something comes up.  Thanks!!


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10 hours ago, Different Games said:

I'm interested in Eirlys. Particularly curious how you imagine her relationship to the cult priestesses give that she's barren. This is not a small thing for Ernalda! 

Where's the older sessions of play so I can read up?

That would be great!

I'll just say that there's a LOT of older sessions of play (2.5 years worth if you want it all!) ;)

Eirlys appeared at the start of session 4 here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1425550/ic-heroquest-glorantha-colymar-campaign-2-orlmarth

That has a good overview of what went before as I was getting Eirlys up-to-speed.

We lost the player for Eirlys some time ago (around the time session 5 started), so she's been drifting along as an NPC since then, though the subsequent sessions are these:

Session 5 (getting to Jonstown by long-and-unexpected roads) begins here: https://rpggeek.com/thread/1564572/ic-heroquest-glorantha-colymar-campaign-2-orlmarth

Session 6 (the active thread in Jonstown) begins here: https://rpggeek.com/thread/1662761/ic-heroquest-glorantha-colymar-campaign-2-orlmarth 

Neither I nor the original player developed much on her barren aspect beyond that her mother/she was cursed by a Lunar witch when Eirlys was born in 1592 (and her mother died).  

Her family background was this:  She's the daughter of Harnaval (who died in 1602) and Mernysin Redcow (died 1592).  But has been subsequently raised by Harnaval's brother: Hantrafal Runemaker, the steadman and thane, and Yanioth Ernalding, one of the Ernalda priestesses. 

The lineage is here: https://rpggeek.com/image/2642388/jajagappa

My assumption on her entry into the Ernalda cult is that while 'barren' it is the result of a curse, not something that could never be, so accepted by Ernalda (and her aunt, Morganeth White-eye, leads the Ernalda cult for the Orlmarth) and somehow gained the ability to Hear the God's Gossip.  But that's something to explore.  

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19 hours ago, Richard S. said:

I'm intrigued but have no idea how PbF game works, could you explain it please?

Probably the best view is to simply look at the session logs.  Our current session starts here: https://rpggeek.com/thread/1662761/ic-heroquest-glorantha-colymar-campaign-2-orlmarth

The approach we take is this:

  • We use RPGGeek which includes the ability to make posts, post images (e.g. maps, etc.) and make die rolls.
  • I'll introduce the session - when it is, where the heroes are, what's happening
  • Players will respond to items I pose, whether questions, statements of action, or the like, as you would in any role-playing session in the in-character (IC) thread
  • What's different is timing (or more apt, the time lag) - I usually post in evening US Eastern Time, most players at the moment are in Europe so responses don't arrive until next day my time, and then I'll followup with my responses that evening.  And given real-life for most of us, there can be other delays, so you may be ready to see what happens next, and you have to wait.  And then you catch up with my burst of responses as I'm answering multiple posts.
  • We've found that the HeroQuest narrative style works well as you can get to the resolution of particular actions relatively quickly and keep the game flow going.
  • If there are questions outside the actions of the heroes (i.e. player to GM), we generally use a separate out-of-character (OOC) thread, though in some cases you will see OOC notes in the IC thread (often associated with questions about a particular roll of the dice).

PbF is not necessarily to everyone's taste.  Also, given most of us have families/work, there's sometimes a bit more delay in response than some prefer.  But, PbF also gives you time to think about how you want your character to respond, and describe such to whatever level of detail you prefer.  So the threads make for good, long-running stories.

If you have other questions, just let me know.  

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15 hours ago, Richard S. said:

Okay, that sounds alright. It's good to know that I don't have to be active all the time or on specific times. If no one else wants to fill the slot, I can maybe play Harrik. I'll have to make an account though.

The slot for Harrik is still open (there's definitely some backstory to him).  If you'd like to try playing him (or are interested in joining but with a new character), just indicate here, then go to RPGGeek and create an account.

You can then find the end of the OOC thread here: https://rpggeek.com/thread/1662764/ooc-heroquest-glorantha-colymar-campaign-2-orlmart/page/2

Just click on "Reply" on any of the posts and you can add a note to indicate that you are joining in.

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We still have one open player position.  Ideally, could pick up running with our young Lhankor Mhy sage, but could entertain some other options to fit with our band of Orlmarthi heroes (currently in Jonstown trying to learn how to save/rescue a goddess).

Please let me know here or by message if you are interested.

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