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I thought this was pretty cool. Did you know there was an article in The Dragon magazine (#40) that had some RQ artifacts? I was looking for some Divine Right articles and ran across an article called 'Artifacts of Dragon Pass'. Here are the 6 artifacts for those that are curious... (in parenthesis is the area mentioned for the artifact, where it's at or last seen).

The Ring of Black Fang (area between Dwarf Knoll, Moonbroth, to the Dead Place)
The Impenetrable Shield of Kiahn (around the road near the Haunted Lands between Notchet and New Crystal)
The Wands of Ectal (the wilds of Prax)
The Medallion of Chaos (Snakepipe)
The Mighty Blade of Kamax (Snakepipe to edges of Tarsh)
The Crystal Egg of the True King (Dragonewt City)

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