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Reusable magic charms


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Dear Newt and sundry,

I'd appreciate some clarification on the Create Charms spell. I may have simply thought myself into a stupor and apologize if what follows seems a dense question, but the term "reusable" in the passage...

"If the caster spends one Improvement Point at the time of creation the spell within the Charm is reusable. Other wise once the spell is cast the Charm is dispelled" (106).

...does it mean "reusable" as in a never-ending lighter versus a single-strike match? In other words, does it mean that once it is made reusable, the charm may be used over and over without limit?

Thanks in advance,


Present home-port: home-brew BRP/OQ SRD variant; past ports-of-call: SB '81, RQIII '84, BGB '08, RQIV(Mythras) '12,  MW '15, and OQ '17

BGB BRP: 0 edition: 20/420; .pdf edition: 06/11/08; 1st edition: 06/13/08

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AFAIK, eauipping a charm is like knowing an extra spell at the stored maximum magnitude. A non-reusable charm works only one time, a reusable one doesn't expire. BUT you still have to pass a Battle Magic check successfully and spend your magic points to fuel the spell of the charm.

A reusable charm sure it's powerful, but you need to spend an Improvement Point to enchant it... and improvement points doesn't grow on trees :)

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