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Some interesting French BRP links

The Tweaker

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Probably most of you already know this, but a long time ago French publisher Multisim published a version of the BRP basic rules under the name BaSIC. It is very similar to the slim BRP booklet published by Chaosium we all know, but with some additional rules for firearms, magic, etc.

You can find quite a few fan-made resources for BaSIC on the net, and I suppose it would not be difficult to adapt them for use with the new BRP book. I am including the links in this post, for those of you who can read French:

BaSIC basic :) rules (PDF download)

The Return of the Not Totally Dead. A living-dead setting + adventure (ZIP).

Hyborian Age (Conan!) background plus scenario (ZIP)

Generic rules for fantasy/middle age settings, plus an introductory adventure (ZIP)

Steampunk background & rules + adventure (ZIP)

Bureau 51 - a modern paranormal setting (ZIP)

Deadlands conversion (ZIP)

Cyberpunk rules + adventure (ZIP)

A custom version of the BaSIC rules, including suggestions on powers (PDF)

Detailed rules for Wuxia/Martial Arts action (PDF)

BaSic Star Wars (including some races, equipment, the Force, starships & starship combat). Warning: There is a completely unnecesary and awful picture featuring Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader and female breasts... But the rules look good (PDF).

Background and rules for Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time (PDF)

I think they provide a good sampling of what you can do with the BRP (or BaSIC) rules.


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