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Monster High

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Inspired by a discussion over on rpg.net...

Monster High!

  • Choose the following array of Abilities:
  • Choose a Ghoulish Heritage (Werefolf, Vampire, etc) as a Keyword rated at 15, give it two Breakout Abilities at +1 and one at +2
  • Choose a High-School Social Role as a Keyword rated at 17, and give it two Breakout Abilities, one at +1 and one at +2.
  • Chose a Distinguishing Characteristic, either as a distinct Ability at 17 or as a +3 Breakout to one of the above Keywords.
  • Chose two Abilities that are Relationships to other characters, one a PC and the other an NPC, one at 13 and one at 15.
  • Chose your best subject at or activity at school as an Ability at 15.
  • Chose any three other Abilities to round-out the character to your taste, rated at 13.
  • Spend 5 points as follows:
  • Adding a new Ability at 13 1pt
  • Adding a new +1 Breakout to a Keyword 1pt
  • Raising an Ability or Breakout 1:1, up to three above initial score.
  • Raising a Keyword 1pt+1pt/full two Breakout Abilities, up to two above initial score.
  • Chose four Flaws:
  • One relating to your Ghoulish Heritage
  • One relating to your High-School Social Role
  • One relating to either another student or group of students
  • One relating to a personality defect, weak subject or activity, or other similar shortcoming.
  • Assign them ratings equal to your two highest and two lowest Ability ratings (including Breakouts), as you see fit.
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