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New Releases - Mythic Britain: Logres and Khakun Shrugs


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The Saxons Invade while a God Shrugs!

Two announcements this month - Logres, Lands of the Saxons for Mythic Britain, and Khakun Shrugs for Thennla

Mythic Britain: Logres is Paul Mitchener's superb book detailing the Saxon culture of Britain and contains everything you need to know about these stalwart invaders of the island. Logres details their culture, beliefs, kings and chieftains, politics and superstitions, and presents a mini-campaign set against Cerdic's arrival on the south coast, where he must deal with both belligerent Britons and resentful Saxon settlers alike...

Available for Pre-Order (delivery expected end of March 2017)

$29.99 (print copy & free PDF)

$14.99 (PDF only)

144 pages

North American customers should order via The Design Mechanism web store (www.thedesignmechanism.com/products).

Customers in the UK, Europe and Australia/New Zealand - order via Aeon Games Publishing (http://www.aeongamespublishing.co.uk/)


Khakun Shrugs continues our Mythras Monthly Scenarios. February brings you Bruce Turner's adventure, an epic quest to placate an angered god who threatens the resettlement of Further Tarsennia. Who awoke the slumbering Khakun though; and what will be the cost be to avert his wrath? Join the Tarsen initiates of the Ruddy River Association to find out...

$6.99 print copy via the Lulu webstore (includes free PDF)


$3.99 PDF only via The Design Mechanism web store

UK, Europe and Australia/New Zealand customers can order via Aeon Games Publishing



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The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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Logres is great.  I like the layout and the lack of duplicative text from previous books.  The maps are good and useful to the base campaign and elsewhere.  The included campaign was excellent and had a great balance of fighting, figuring and leveraging cultural factors that didn't seem forced.  

I appreciated how the Saxons and co were portrayed and how their cultural perogatives were shown as drivers for their aggression.  This was a great approach and the nuances shown made them very playable.  Having consumed several Viking and a couple Saxon themed RPGs or supplements over the years I feel justified in labeling this the best depiction of the Saxons ever.  The author did a great job of laying out the cultural bits and integrating them into play without beating the players over the head or making it clunky or contrived.

My only issues are perhaps editorial.  In the campaign there were a few places where the settlement names might've been switched or inconsistent.  This might sort itself out after I read through it a few more times.  Also I have not played out the mass combat rules but we're the Saxon forces under powered compared to the Llys spearmen?

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7 hours ago, HeirophantX said:

Also I have not played out the mass combat rules but we're the Saxon forces under powered compared to the Llys spearmen?

Oh! Are there mass combat rules as well?
We play bouts of Dux Britanniarum so I've already got some figures... if they're the sort of rules that use figures.

And as others have said, the cover art on these is very nice.

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