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Modern Supernatural RPG for Mythras?

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I somehow don't believe that it will be 2d20 - after all, Mindjammer Press is a publisher on its own and is just distributed by Modiphius - and design-wise, as far as I know, Sarah Newton has had nothing to do with 2d20 until now ...

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As I wrote on the TDM forum when the CONAN 2d20 game came out, to me the 2d20 system seems weaker that Mythras, yet still probably suitable for purpose in this case.  My initial impression was that the 2d20 system allows for too many player successes (i.e. challenges would almost always be met, so less true drama and more "faux danger"), but that is an almost meaningless opinion, as I have not played the system.  It also seems to me that use of the GM's Doom pool versus the players' Momentum pool could rule a lot of the game.

...but I have already dragged the thread far enough from the OP... :(

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16 hours ago, rsanford said:

Loz did you ever read Snead's Enlightened Magic? I know nothing of the occult but the book reads (to me) as being much more realistic than anything else I have seen available for an RPG...

Snead is, quite possibly, the best writer/designer of RPG magic in the business.  All of his work on the topic is automatically on my "buy" list, even to getting a core system I wouldn't otherwise have bought, so I can have the product into which his work fits.


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Excited but i must admit I been excited for all of TDM Products. Each has something great to add to my games. And there so well written, I have  thoroughly enjoyed reading through each of TDMs products. Hopefully I’ll have more chance to play this year. I  with my new job I’ve had very little opportunity do to excessive to travel and work hours.

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