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ATtH: Ep 2 - Loss of Intelligence?

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Hi folks,

I am looking for some help figuring out what to do with one of the PCs from the mass amnesia part of the second episode. What has happened is that due to the side-effects of the Mi-Go Amnesia Enzyme, one of the characters has sustained a large amount of intelligence loss. Through a nasty series of dice rolls, after recovering from the bout of amnesia, the character went from an Intelligence of 61 down to his current Intelligence of 20.

So, I'm questioning how this would affect the character's skills. A substantial loss of intelligence should reduce some of the skills of that character, but how should I account for that.

The background of how this came to be is quite amusing. When I get a moment, I'll share the story, but in the meantime, I'll be running the end of episode 3 and the start of episode 4 this weekend. The character will be joining the main group of investigators, so I need to take care of this issue.

Thanks, y'all.

With ghoulish delight, I am

Spooky Mizu

Note:  I posted this question on Yog-Sothoth also, but figured getting a wide range of responses would be a good idea.


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A similar topic was discussed here. It sounds like the PC has effectively become mentally disabled (or had a stroke). Theoretically, a stroke victim as an active PC could be option, but it'd be difficult to run and play. In the 1930's, I would likely handle this similarly to when a PC goes insane: put the PC in a sanitarium (or in the hands of care-giver) and allow the player to start a new PC.

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Thanks for the link.  That was an interesting read. 

The player is up for the challenge, though, and wants to play his suddenly bewildered character.  Just not sure what to do about the skill percentages.  Maybe I'll just add a penalty dice anytime he has to use a cognitive skill.

When the player did his CON roll to see if he lost any intelligence, he rolled a 99!  Crazy, right?  Thus it lowered his 60 INT down to 21. 

But what if he had only lost 20 INT?  That surely isn't worth scuttling the PC.  Is there anything in the rulebook about losing INT?  I only saw diminished stats where aging was concerned, and INT wasn't a part of it.


Thanks for any help.




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