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Zit    182

How do you manage situations where the adventurer's action is in contradiction with one of his motivations, or at least makes the goal of the motivation more difficult to reach?

What if the action complies at the same time with another motivation ? How do you manage opposing motivations (it may not be obvious at the time the motivations are chosen, but later on in the game)?

In which condition can one give-up one motivation, even if the goal -if any- is not reached ?

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RosenMcStern    676

The key to this point is that in Revolution a Motivation never forces you to act. It is up to you to choose which one to follow in case of conflicting drives: you can make an opposed roll, or go with the one you prefer. Also remember that a Motivation activation is triggered also by a failure to comply: you gain Fate Points for failing, obviously with the purpose of fixing things up through play. In this case, it makes perfect sense that when Motivations are in contrast, the failed one earns you points, too.

The rules do not handle the case when you simply give up a Motivation because it is not necessary: if you are no longer interested in exploring that side of your character, just stop activating that Motivation, and warn the Narrator that you will no longer use it, no matter what. Since you cannot (as it happens in other games) be penalised for refusing to use a Motivation, just having it written on the character sheet does not imply anything mechanics-wise.

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