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What D100 system to play?

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13 hours ago, Questbird said:

I felt the same about Chronicles of Future Earth. I found it definitely more fantasy than science-fiction. I love Swords of Cydoria and have started a campaign with it. I find it full of interesting ideas which inspire rather than constrain me. I didn't get Fractured Hopes but maybe I will now if I spot it.

Highly recommend it. I like its voidship rules better than Cydoria's, however Cydoria's ships are powered by tech while voidships in Hopes are powered by magic. Void Sorcery is a big thing in Hopes, however Earth was destroyed by a race of biomechanical aliens who experimented on humans so there's tons of mutations / cyborgs, bio weapons, human psionics, everything you'd basically expect.

I love the weapons section of Hopes. It says everything in the BRP core book exists in some of the fragments of Earth. Basically it's not too long after the loss of earth, the defeat of the evil invading aliens, and the tech is still floating around but the knowledge to make most of it is lost. Everyone who can't get their hands on high tech weapons relies on sword / shield / spear. It's got cool concepts you could steal for a Cydoria campaign or similar rules with a different stylistic design you could plug and play if desired. I would 100% buy both and pick and choose what you like from each.

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