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Best scenario involving The King in Yellow

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So I've sat through the CriticalHit's CoC live play podcasts based on King in Yellow and got me an instant urge to host one. But sadly when I looked at the published stories in the store, they all seemed a bit too light hearted to me. One is on space the other medieval... I just want a straight up classic story based on the play's mystery, without huge monsters poping up all the time.

Long story short, do you guys have anything to recommend? Perhaps there is a scenario out there that I'm not aware of, I'm fairly new to CoC so don't know all the published stuff. 


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Tatters of the King is a large adventure centred around stopping the King in Yellow coming to Earth - will that do?

Note: - I played it as a player and I think we all enjoyed it, though my character didn't 'come back' from the end (rolling 00 on a SAN check when into single digit SAN got the GM to pull me aside and tell me my charachter was now trying to help bring about the King's arrival).

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1 hour ago, alter said:

Tell me have you seen the Yellow Sign? By K.Ross!

That's a great pick -- and it was only reprinted a year or two back by Golden Goblin Press (in "Tales of the Crescent City"). Kevin also wrote a new scenario for that book which is a direct sequel to "Tell Me Have You Seen The Yellow Sign?"

Other suggestions -- "Tatterdemalion" by Richard Watts & Penelope Love (in the book "Fatal Experiments") ... and for modern-day conspiracy creepiness, the obligatory "Night Floors" by Dennis Detwiller (in "Delta Green: Countdown").

Honestly, though, there are quite a lot of creepy and not-at-all-cheesy scenarios out there which showcase The King in Yellow -- it's a shame that those encountered by the OP weren't like that :)


Dean (from Adelaide)


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