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[Skaerune'] Thursday Updates


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So Thursday are going to be the update days for Skaerune'. Maybe all the Q21 games.

I have updated the News section of the website (http://reigndragonpress.weebly.com/news.html) and the FB page for Reign Dragon Press


Here is the update

Skaerune' Update: 3.23.2017

Thursday is going to be our official update day for news on Skaerune'. There is not much news this week, but we wanted to kick things off and get the ball rolling as they say.

Downloads: So in a little over a week we have triple digit downloads from the Drive Through RPG, plus a few from the BRP Central forums. We are well past my minimum number for doing the full game and halfway to my goal. So I consider that a win. If you have friends who have not downloaded it or a gaming group looking for a one shot, make sure you let them know about Salt Mine Blues.

Errors & Corrections: Even after 18 months and a fantastic editor, there were some small gaffs in version 1.0. Next week we will have and updated version of the PDF and anyone who has downloaded Salt Mine Blues will be told about the new version. One thing I want to do, but not next week, is update the maps to something a little better. Maybe by April we will have that done.

Work on Skaerune' core book: Skaerune' will be a single book with everything the players and GM need. There will be supplements but the main rule book will be all that you need. The first Dev Diary should be out next week, assuming I have time to write it.

Remember, if you wish to play Salt Mine Blues I can assure the mod author is happy to run it for you, in person or over the Internet.


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Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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Skaerune' Thursday 3.29.2017

So Salt Mine Blues v1.1 will be out next Thursday. Trying to incorporate a few corrections and changes. Nothing too significant quite yet. I have an artist re-making the maps but that will be in update v1.2. 

At the moment I am working on the cities and their cultures, both the background and the skills and Life Path events for each, which will be unique to a given city. 

I am hoping to have a developer diary in the next few weeks to talk more about how and why and what when it came to making Skaerune'. 

A short one today, so I will wish you good gaming.


Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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